Couples Counseling

Couples  Counseling

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Couples Counseling can and does help. In fact, Couples Counseling has been shown statistically to be one of the most effective therapies counselors offer. Sometimes, couples know they are struggling. Other times, they discover through family sessions that their relationship needs help.

How to know if you need Couples Counseling:
Do you describe yourselves as 2 ships passing in the night?
Do you sleep in separate bedrooms (as a protest)?
Do you miss the daily small talk you used to have?
Have you wondered not only why you were married but why you chose your partner?
Do you wonder about this ‘soul mate’ concept, and whether you have found yours?
Does everything turn into an argument?

Let me help you find the love you feel you have lost. Most of these are normal anxieties, that most couples have experienced. They are usually fleeting, though they can be extremely anxiety-provoking at the moment. When they become persistent and lead to arguments, apathy, withdrawing, and feelings of emptiness, couples counseling can help.

I practice Imago Therapy with couples. This is a relationship therapy that is based on the premise that the wounds of childhood are often carried into our present day adult relationships. Did you know that we unconsciously treat our partners in a combination of the way we were treated, and in a way that we hope will heal our wounds. We want from our partner what we did not get as kids from our ‘good enough’ parents. Consequently, we repeat the same cycles of behaviors, even when we don’t want to. Becoming vulnerable enough to feel and express intimate feelings, and also open enough to hear the feelings of our partners, helps heal relationships. Only then will the addition of communication skills deepen your relationship. I am an active relationship therapist. I will spend a lot of time listening,  time teaching and exploring, and I will give homework. It has been so gratified to see the long term results of the clients I have worked with. It is hard work. Often fun. And always courageous. But you can do it!

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